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Thread: Looking for a Sanger Foot Pedal

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    Anyone have any leads on a floor mounted Sanger Hydro foot pedal. If so please email me at

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    sanger rat
    You might want to try over in the V-drive section too.

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    Thanks Brian, I'll do that.

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    Glad to see there is another Sanger Hydro some pictures of that bad boy..Jess

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    sanger rat
    Have you been sleeping?:hammer2:

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    Sanger boat is now running pretty good..need to put the 660'S back on. Big difference is power with dual 450'S. My mag just took a dump on me last week..going to send it to Don Zig (It's his mag) and have it repaired. Had to put in a stock dist. and coil..noticed a power loss, but at least it works..thanks again for all the help when I first got the thing. I've had a lot of jets but this hydro is the best..those are some tuff, solid little hulls..

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    sanger rat
    Yes, You can give them a good beating. I know I do. Have you done anything to the pump?

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    No the pump is still stock except for the droop and the nozzle. This winter I might do some work to is still real tight and solid. No slop. Had to put a prime-a-jet in because it took so long for it to load when I launch. T think maybe a lot of the problems I had with the idle not coming down and then having to idle to fast was probably due to a weak mag. After I put this stock piece of shit dist. in it idles really nice and fires right away. I had to idle at about 1400 before and now I can get down to about 1000. I still want to put the mag back in because it does feel a little sluggish.

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    sanger rat
    Glad to here you are getting it all figured out. Now you can go play.

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    When you get a chance post up some pics of your new motor..looks great..looks expensive..looks fast..

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