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Thread: piston rings????

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    Has anyone ran chrome bore rings in a nikasil block??? Are they ok to use? Do they ruin the block? Or should I stick with the nikasil rings??? Thanks, Gary

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    I believe you only run the chrome rings (like I am) in steel sleeves.

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    Keith the rings I have for the sleeve is a 175 ring. I have 2 piston sets of chrome bore ring. They are whats left of the rings in the motor I just grenaded. I was just wondering if the rings had any ill effect or possibly was the cause of the failure, or at least added to it. I have a good idea that the lack of timing control was the cause but just dont want to make the same mistake twice. I dont know what worse hearing the wife nag or looking for 2.4 parts???? Thanks Gary

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    You Te
    I've run chrome rings in steel boars and nikasil bores,it works fine for me.
    The factory uses nicom/nikasil bores on the high performance motors along with titaniumnitrate rings.
    I've used titaniumnitrate rings in steel boars with good success, now this is with 2.5 HP motors. The 2.4's I've seen have crome bores with steel rings. DO NOT USE CROME RINGS WITH CROME BORES.
    You Te

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