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Thread: Celebrating 16 years of marriage today!

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    Thank you Donna for 16 wonderful years and 2 great kids. She still still puts up with my shit and lets me play with her. I truly love that girl.
    I wish all of you the joy I have experienced.

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    Congrats to you bro, I just we just had our 18th on 8/6. It is alot of work sometimes but it is all worth it.

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    Happy Anniversary, you guys are catching up.

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    Congrats Rick & Donna, Happy Anniversary. See ya'll next weekend.

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    The Doctor
    Congratulations times a million!
    In today's disposable society, it's nearly impossible to survive as you have. I know, I'll cross 38 years in two months and it's been a miracle. You know (and can teach) things many will never know and most aren't willing to learn. Shall we say, you've crossed the hump where it can be downhill from here?
    True love is earned, grown and cultivated, it's not some passing emotion.

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    Congrats! Hope I can say the same in 8 years.

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    Me and my lovely (Susie) celebrated 20 years April 11 this year at Tahoe! Definitely had a few ups and downs over the years.Things do work out for the best,we're proof of that!

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    '78 gt boat
    Congrats!!!!!!:d :d :d

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    Mohave Vice
    Congrats to the both of you!

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    It can happen.
    Good to read.
    We're going on 2 years of bliss.

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