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Thread: Is there an anti-rain dance?

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    i need it because nhra is getting rained out right now and its pissing me off.

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    TrueDat. Doesn't look good. Just checked NHRA website and the eliminations will be Monday Time to reset the DVR...

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    Saw that earlier today. GO FAST JACK BECKMAN

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    I like Fast Jack, but ever since I found out John Force used to be a truck driver he's been my hero! (Is that true?) Damn I just ran back to the TV to watch last week's Funny Car final.
    DAMN! Bernstein catching him and Force wins by a wheel. YESS!!
    Brings back memories...Pomona in '83. Raymond Beadle wins in the Semis but blows the roof off the Blue Max. Kenny Bernstein donates the roof off the Bud King for the final. Beadle loses with the Blue and Red rig but what a memory! I have the Polaroids of the Blue Max smoking the tires in the finals!
    Then the next time at Pomona, Ed McCulloch loses in the first round, turns around at the first turnoff and IDLES a nitro funny car all the way back to the pits!! That was back in the day when the Pro Stock cars DROVE back to the pits. Damn I miss those days!!!

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    I like Jack. Been buddies with him and his brother for years. Jack used to be an elevator repair man or as he said "A vertical transportation specialist"

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    same goes for nascar then nhra my day is ruined.

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