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Thread: Injector tank needed

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    Anybody have a bullet style tank or other 5 gal injector style tank they want to offload???

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    Rattle Can Lou
    "Injector Tank"????? I thought that was what you used lildick and Dmontsa for? I don't get it Maxi, do you need more tank???

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    Do you need it forever? I got one you can borrow.

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    the extra cpacity may get you through those long 20 lap heats

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    Anybody have a bullet style tank or other 5 gal injector style tank they want to offload???
    Sellers Name: Dale I.
    Location: Torrance, CA
    Phone Number(s):
    BBC Carbon Fiber Valve covers $250, Honda XR50 $850, Honda XR70 $900, Imco upright bullet tank w/ice tube and band clamps, $200, New Comp Cams BBC Stud Girdle #4021 $175, Polished shaft log $60, Imco Upright Bullet polished tank ~7.5+ gallons, $250, 36 volt Crank Starter w/hand Wheel $850, 426 valve cover plugs (when going from dual to single Mag) $115 set, Plugs for Spark Plug Hole (in-head) $27 set of 8,
    I highlighted the important part so as to make it Klingon friendly reading.
    I would NOT take Lildick up on his offer for a loaner tank, as you know that tank has had his weiner in it.

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    here is mine that I have on e-bay

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    Thanks amigos for the connections...

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    I heard Captain Morgan bottles work really well.

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