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Thread: Need a nice Havasu house to rent for Sept 13-16 close to LB

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    I have looked at a ton of stuff and would rather keep the biz in the family here. I am looking for a house to rent for that Sept 13-16 weekend and would like to stay more central or close to the 95.
    There are 3 adults and 1 toddler. We also have a baby that will be 12 weeks at the time. I would like at least a 3 bedroom please.
    For what it is worth, we are very mellow and dont smoke and do not want to bring a pet. We treat everything as it was our own, and leave things as nice or nicer than the condition we get it in.
    I would like to be between $125-$175/night.
    Edit: My boat is 44' on the trailer and 10.5' wide. If need be, I can keep the boat at a friend's house but prefer the option of keeping it in front.

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    Hardly Satisfied
    I have one , PM sent

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