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Thread: Therm Kit -r-not Pro's -n Cons

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    Thermostat Kit Or Not? Put 1 On And Didn't Like How The Temp Gauge Would March Right Up To 160 (or Past) And Then Fall Right Down,just To March Right Back Up Again.

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    drill a small hole in the thermostat

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    I got a t-stat kit from Performance Jet in Atascadero (I think), and as Slotracer recommended it's got a small hole drilled through the rim of the 'stat. Now, my barge hasn't been wet in nearly two years, but when I had it out last the temp stayed fixed @ 160.

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    Mine takes a few minutes to warm up the engine then stays right at 160 degrees like clockwork. I think they work very well if plumbed corrrectly.

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    Are they available for 460's yet?? (ford)

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