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Thread: 21ft ultra deck

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    New ultra 21ft deck 502 chevy with pro dominator pump/set back.What top speed will she see.Also i see ultra says 502 chevy is rated 500hp but other sites say in the 400+_ range which is or does checy have more that 1 502??
    Thanx for the help all..

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    Im thinking mid 60's.

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    Correct me if I am wrong, but I know of 2 502 motors. One is mid 400HP and the other 502 is 500hp.
    I think you will be just under 70 or at it.
    I had 400hp on my TRP (very heavy layup) and hit 60.

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    Depends on which 502 you order. The 502/502 is over 500hp. The regular 502 is 410. The 502/502 will get you right about 70. The regular 502 will get you low 60s. I have one we will be finishing this week with the 502/502 if you would like a ride.

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    We have the indmar 502 (rated at 415hp) with a setback Legend its running right at 60 ...21ft Lightning which is the same bottom as the Ultra .

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    OOPS! sorry, didn't see the "deck boat" part...should be over 60 with 400hp and just on top of 70 with 5o2/502..

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